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Welcome to the Gulf Coast Beauty Rep Beauty Blog!!!  My name is Jennifer Julian.  I am a National AVON Independent Sales Representative and Team Leader living in Spring Hill Florida.  I have been an AVON Representative since April 2016, and I serve customers nationwide through my Online AVON E-Store. On this blog you will find useful information about Products, AVON Campaigns, Fundraising, Sales and Special Offers, and much more! If you are looking for a Representative, are a Current AVON Customer, or you are interested in learning more about Becoming an AVON Representative, you can find all the information you need on this blog.

Why choose Gulf Coast Beauty Rep as your AVON Representative?

Through my AVON E-Store, I can connect with customers who may not have a representative near them, but still want to order AVON and have it delivered right to their door! Does this sound like you? If you don’t currently have a representative, I would love to help you out! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me through Social Media. You can find links to my Social Media Pages on this Blog. You can also email me at: gulfcoastbeautyboss@gmail.com or use the “Contact Me” form on my AVON E-Store:  www.youravon.com/jjulian.

What AVON Offers…

AVON offers something for everyone! We offer a wide variety of products. Gone are the days when AVON only offered perfumes and makeup! We now offer a large selection of Fragrances (for both Women & Men), Bath, Body and Personal Hygiene Products, Fashion, Shoes, Home Decor and SO MUCH MORE!!! You can browse everything we offer online at: www.youravon.com/jjulian

Would you like to receive a copy of the current AVON Brochure?

I send out current brochures to each of my online customers who place orders through my E-Store.  Here’s how my Mailing List works: Once I receive an order on my website I place that customer on my Brochure Mailing List to receive 2 brochures – the 2 brochures following the Campaign they placed their order in. For example, If an order is placed in Campaign 15 online, that customer would then receive both Campaign 16 and Campaign 17 brochures in the mail from me.


 How to Shop with Me Online/Buy AVON Online: 

  • My E-Store:  Shop the E-Store by “Department” (Fragrance, Fashion, Makeup, etc.)
  • The AVON E-Brochure:  Flip through the brochure page by page, and add products to your Shopping Bag by simply clicking on the item and clicking “Add to Bag”.
  • Using the Item Entry Tool to Shop by Product #:  This allows you to backorder products from 2 Campaigns prior to the Current Campaign. For Example, If the Current Campaign is Campaign 10, you can backorder from Campaigns 8 & 9.

FREE SHIPPING applies to all orders over $40. NO CODE NECESSARY!  The Shipping Fee for orders under $40 is $5.95.

Do you LOVE AVON?!  Why not join my AVON Team and start your own business?  Whether you just want to be a personal shopper and get your products at a representative discount or you want to build a successful career… you have the ability to run your own AVON Business however you choose!  Start today for as low as $25!  Learn more about the AVON Opportunity at:  jjulian.avonrepresentative.com/opportunity/start.


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